The Planets Aligned and God Smiles on Me

As a boy my first memories of aviation are of Rhinebeck Aerodrome.
It was so cool to walk around and see the old airplanes and then to actually see them fly. I was 6 or 7 and all I kept thinking was, “It would be so cool to fly”.

That’s me in the first picture, in the yellow shirt, sitting next to my mom on my right and my older brother in the forefront wearing the white shirt with the orange collar and trim. My Sister is in front of us, in the blue checkered pants lol, facing the other way, my two little brothers in front of my mom, one in a straw hat, our grandmother in the blue shirt and turquoise scarf and dads behind the camera. LOL I remember it was hot as all get out that day you can see it on the crowds faces. Look at the clothes, LOLH, man the 70s were crazy LOLH.

From that point on it was a dream and like many dreams nothing more than a dream.

I grew up in the computer era of the 80s and latched onto any flight sim I could get my hands onto.  That was the closest I could come to actually flying.

At around 16 or 17 I was working for an electrician and we were wiring in a new above ground self serve fuel tank at our local airport.  It took a couple days and I remember watching all the pilots and planes coming and going thinking, “Man I wish I could Fly”.  One of the great memories I had was watching a YAK 52 based at the airport doing a few low passes.  When I inquired who that was, the guy answered, some crazy dentist in the area.

So in October of 2000 I ran into a guy that had a line on a Cessna 152 which was up for sale and that I could lease back to the local flight school if I bought it.  Then the planets aligned, God smiled on me and I was able to work out buying the plane. November 1st. I signed the papers and went strait down to the flight school and saddled up for my first lesson. Heres my 152 that I rent out.

I started flight training in November of 2000 and soloed Christmas eve day. I figured it would either be a great Christmas or a not so much. Luckily it was a great Christmas. The following August I earned my private pilots license and have been lucky to live a long awaited dream.


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