Building Ribs

There are two things that will always be true; It is great working with someone that knows what they are doing and life is so much easier with the right tools.

A good friend of mine has built a Pitts S1s, Glassair I and is building the wings with me.  We drew up the ribs and layed out our jigs and today we built the first four Truss ribs of the top wing.

We built a Plexiglass template for the nose of the Rib.  This we used to trace, trim and then router around the plywood that would become the nose rib.


Once the nose was in place we would cut the 1/4 inch sticks and place them into the jig.


Once the sticks were in place, we glued up the interesections and layed in the gussets and stapled them in place to dry.  Take the rib out and install the gussets on the other side and your done!


2 Responses to “Building Ribs”

  1. What type of covering do you place under the rib before glueing? (clear vinyl, plastic, etc.)

  2. We used clear plastic. It stood up pretty well. Once glued up we threw in some small furniture staples before removing the rib from the jig. Once out of the jig we flipped the the rib over, glued and stapled it and put it on a nice flat surface to dry. Then cleaned the plastic with MEK and started the next rib.

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