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Grunt Work on The Cowling is Done

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Fitting and mounting the cowling has been quite a fulfilling experience. It was my first time really working with a finished carbon piece. I am amazed at how hard it is. Steve Wolf’s instructions are great! Nice diagrams that make it a piece of cake to understand what you need to do. Getting it done took a lot of patience and focus. Tony from Specialty Aero builds and sells the kit and was great clearing up questions. The last two efforts had been mounting the top hinge that holds the top seam together and drilling the holes on the back where it screws to the fuselage. Today’s work was drilling and mounting the bottom piano hinge which will hold the bottom seam together. Here are some pics.

Strap Keeps Two halves Nice and Tight

Strap Keeps Two halves Nice and Tight

Cutting Out  Front Inside Lip for Bottom Hinge

Cutting Out Front Inside Lip for Bottom Hinge

Inside Front Lip of Cowling.

Inside Front Lip of Cowling.

Front Bottom Hinge Installed

Front Bottom Hinge Installed

Left Side Close Up

Left Side

Front Bottom Hinge Installed

Front Bottom Hinge Installed

Right Side

Right Side

Right Side

Right Side

Right Side

Right Side

The Doldrums…

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IMAG0467So, I am knee deep into the details. Building sub components were one thing and “Aircraft Assembly” is daunting at times. Thankfully, just like everything else, getting my private pilots license, competing in the IAC, heck building this plane, the deeper you get, the more you learn and more importantly (the most fun part), the more you do, the easier it gets.

Most of July and August, I have been practically memorizing Aircraft Assembly, putting together order lists down to the nut, washer and bolt, finalizing the last bits and pieces to get the complete control system hooked up and working. We also started fitting the cowl and completing the upper ailerons.

I have met with our local DAR, Joe Gauthier, who will be inspecting and ultimately giving me my airworthiness certificate. He has helped me to start thinking about the mountain of paperwork that I am going to need to satisfy the FAA.

And on Two high notes I have ordered my Prop, thanks to Whirl Wind Aviation and should be receiving my Sky Dynamics light weight sump, intake as well as the 6 into 1 exhaust soon.

Looking Like an Pitts

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You have to forgive me, the words are overcome by excitement. Since this project started I have been holstering my excitement knowing just how long of a haul it was going to be. But looking at her standing on her own for the first time, power plant in place, tail, wings, etc. I am left kinda speechless. We still have a long way to go; electronics, firewall forward, covering and paint, etc. But I can’t help to take a breath and enjoy this stage for a few seconds. I hope you enjoy the pics as much.











Quick Work of the Panels

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The last couple of weeks we have been cranking out the aluminum side panels for the fuselage. Thanks to Dave’s great skill and Tony’s beautiful carbon canopy the fuselage is actually starting to look like an airplane.

S.O.B – Merry Christmas to me!

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Last Tuesday 12/6 the Canopy and Cowling arrived. I have been trying not to think to much about it since then, until tonight! OH yeah Ron, buckle in and enjoy the ride cause this MoFo is starting to get good. 😉

Special Thanks to Steve Wolf and Tony Horvath at Specialty Aero. The cowling is awesome, the canopy… Well the pictures don’t do justice to how cool it really was to see. Since the right wing was done, it only made sense to pull the wings off the table and throw the fuse up for a little look. All of a sudden and for the first time you can see some shape to the fuse. The canopy comes with the front panel, from the cabanes back. Under which will sit the instrument panel and what the canopy closes on. So you can see the distance between the Top wing and the top of the fuselage. The B is much taller and feels that way. The 1-11, with top wing right there, it makes it feel like one hot little ride.

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