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Brake Pedals, Master Cylinders, Header Tank and Smoke System.

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Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog front, as usual we are still plugging away!! So the last month and a half or so, we have been planning the smoke system and header tank geometry, fit and ergonomics. The main concern would be the width and throw of the pedals. With the smoke tank residing behind the pedals we wanted to make sure there would be no surprises later on. So I ordered the brake cylinders from Grove to complete the brake system and the complete smoke system less tank from Smoking Airplanes. Both companies I highly recommend for superior product and customer service.

Once we installed the pedals and master cylinders, we put the tail on and calculated the throw. Then we built the pedal stop to test the actual throw and confirmed our calcs so we are confident we have the geometry for the smoke tank and the pedals correct.

The next thing we needed to tackle was the header tank. For those following along that are asking, what is a header tank? Good question. The header tank is a small fuel tank that sits below the main tank and feeds the engine. Some tanks, like the S2B, have a flop tube in the main tank so that when the plane is upside down, or tumbling the engine is still getting it’s required fuel. The S2B does not use a header tank. Many of the S1’s have a header tank with the flop tube in that. One of the reasons I can think of is in the S2B the flop tube only works when the tanks are over 6 gals, it’s a little less, but under 6 gals I sometimes hear the engine cough due to fuel starvation. I’m not a big fan of that sound. So with a header tank. As long as it has gas in it, the engine will run. And at about 3 gals I have easily 10 mins to fly upside down continuously. LOL thats should be plenty. When ever I am right side up the header tank refills thanks to gravity.

So we built the header, that is a pretty simple tube with bowel ends on it. Well Dave makes it look simple. Next we hammered out the ends for the smoke tank. This should be pretty interesting due to it’s shape. Have a look.

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