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The Doldrums…

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IMAG0467So, I am knee deep into the details. Building sub components were one thing and “Aircraft Assembly” is daunting at times. Thankfully, just like everything else, getting my private pilots license, competing in the IAC, heck building this plane, the deeper you get, the more you learn and more importantly (the most fun part), the more you do, the easier it gets.

Most of July and August, I have been practically memorizing Aircraft Assembly, putting together order lists down to the nut, washer and bolt, finalizing the last bits and pieces to get the complete control system hooked up and working. We also started fitting the cowl and completing the upper ailerons.

I have met with our local DAR, Joe Gauthier, who will be inspecting and ultimately giving me my airworthiness certificate. He has helped me to start thinking about the mountain of paperwork that I am going to need to satisfy the FAA.

And on Two high notes I have ordered my Prop, thanks to Whirl Wind Aviation and should be receiving my Sky Dynamics light weight sump, intake as well as the 6 into 1 exhaust soon.


Building The Istruts

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Today we started building the I Struts. But before we get to that I have a few pictures of the fuel tank in the frame.

Fuel Tank in the Frame

Fuel Tank in the Frame

We laid out the I strut diagram on the table and welded in some round tube pieces that held the I Strut tubes in place for welding. We then Bent the lower square tubing to the upper and lower wing profiles. These are the pieces of the I Struts that bolt to the wing spars.

I Strut Location

Streamlined Tubing in the I Strut Jig, Lower Tubes Bent

Here is a pic after we welded the Streamlined tubing to the 3/4 inch square tubes. The I Struts keep the wingtips apart and form the rectangular box, along with the wings, of the biplane which is very strong.

Lower Square Tube Welded to Streamlined Tubes

Next we welded in the 3/4 inch tube braces.

Starting to Fit the Support Braces

Braces Welded Up

3 Braces Welded

Next, because the Streamlined tubing is wider than the 3/4s of an inch brace tubes, we needed to heat and flatten that area of the streamlined tubing to 3/4s of an inch. Below Dave is heating the area and the last picture he is using the slap hammer to flatten that area.

Applying Heat to Flatten Streamlined Tube to 3/4

Using The Slap Hammer to to Flatten Streamlined Tube to 3/4

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