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Engine Mount Meet Fuselage, Fuselage Meet Engine Mount

Posted in Fuselage, Super Stinker X with tags , , , , on November 11, 2009 by mars58

Today we bolted the engine mount fittings to the engine mount and slid the whole thing into the fuselage where we will tack and weld the fittings, thus guaranteeing that the mount will be perfectly fitted to the fuselage. This was a big test to validate we actually got the fuselage put together correctly. If we did not then we would have issues getting the fittings and the engine mount to slide into the fuselage opening. Thanks goodness it slid in nice and snugly and fit beautifully. Have a look!


The Engine Mount First Test Mating to Fuselage

EngineMount Boss

The Engine Mount Fitting Test Fit


On The Gear Legs

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