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Bill Williams Joy of Flight Award

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One of my favorite contests I have ever been to was Chapter 38’s Maytown 2007. Mostly because of all the Maytown lore, all of it I can attest is true! This was my third year participating in IAC competition, really my second because 06 was a washout, weather wise. So, chapter 38 holds a soft spot in my heart, mostly because it is the first time I placed in the top 3 but more accurately due to the VFW!! That place was great! When you order 9 shots, mostly top shelf and give the girl $20 then get $10 back!! God Bless the VFW!!! 🙂 Unfortunately Maytown’s airport no longer provides gas to fuel the airplanes so that killed any further contest. Luckly tho, the Wildwood venue opened up and provided Chapter 38 a place to hold another contest.

So I am sitting at the Wildwood Acroblast, Saturday night banquet, and I’m reflecting on the struggle I had completing the last two sequences off in my own world while Craig Wiseman, the MC from chapter 38, is handing out the awards. Craig starts talking about a gentleman from their chapter who was the inspiration behind the Bill Williams Joy of Flight award. As I sit there listening to Craig describe Bill; a great pilot, a lot of fun, always smiling, happy, funny, practical joker, ball breaker, true aviation and aerobatic enthusiast, etc. and as Craig talks about the impact Bill had on their chapter and what a great individual he was, I start thinking to myself, wow what a cool guy, my kind of people, I hope I can someday have the kind of impact on the people, friends and sport like Bill had…

Craig says, “and this years award goes to, none other than, Rob Marsicano…” I have to tell you, I was blown away. This is one of the greatest awards I have been given in my life and one I am honored to have received.

Bill Willson Joy of Flight Award

Bill Willson Joy of Flight Award

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