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Measure Thrice, Cut Once

Posted in Bottom Wing, first rigging, Fuselage, Super Stinker X, Top Wing on October 11, 2011 by mars58

This old adage always rings true. It has been Two months and the best way to describe them would be slow and calculating. There is no replacement for experience but when lacking it the only way forward is cautiously and meticulous. When we initially rigged the wings, we leveled the fuselage. Then hung the top wing, and I struts, then brought the lower wings up to them. Right off the bat our alignment was precarious. The I struts would not fit. From that point we measured everything again. We checked the cabane struts again. We went through the components. Then we reached out to Steve and Tony. And it was with their advice that we were able to zero in on our problem.

You have to start with the top wing. We created two jigs for the top and bottom wings so we could properly level the wings along the chord line not the fuselage. As soon as we leveled the top wing, and we hung the I struts, then once again brought the lower wings up, all of a sudden everything fit like a glove. It was like one of those “A-Duh” moments and only the kind you can really appreciate once you experience it.

You could imagine our relief. I mean you spend all this time building these major components, you think you have done a fine job. You think your attention to detail will pay off and everything will go to plan. So when they don’t you can only imagine our trepidation. What did we screw up, where did we go wrong. So we were very relieved to see everything fall into place.

The next few months should prove to be very exciting. Now with a strait pair of wings we can install the control system and hardware and then apply the leading edges. We have to build the upper ailerons, do a final fit with everything in place on the wings and at that point we will be ready for sealing the wood and covering the wings. That would make a great Christmas present to myself. 🙂

Stay tuned, hopefully we are rounding second base and are well on our way to third.

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