Cartesian Tube Kit Arrives

Yesterday Santa came early and dropped off my Cartesian tube kit for the Fuselage. Man I am glad I didn’t have to do all this work myself. I’m sure it was tedious and ball breaking. All tubes are notched and bent and ready to go. Each tube is numbered and the documentation is great. I unwrapped the tubes and color coded them based on the tube diagram, then repacked them based on their stations, so assembly will go easy.

Cartesian Fuselage Kit out of the box

Cartesian Fuselage Kit out of the box

Close up of notched tubes

Close Up of the Notching

Color Coded Tube Stations

Color Coded Stations


One Response to “Cartesian Tube Kit Arrives”

  1. So I should put a little back story on this.

    Don at Cartesian recommends building the fuselage from the bottom up.

    Because of the tight tolerances this structure can stand with as much as bungees and electrical tape. There should be almost no gaps in any of the stations. If you assemble and have gaps, rotate the tube 180 degrees or flip it 180 degrees and the gap should disappear. It’s because of this you don’t want to start tacking up the sides and then assemble, because you could have a tube 180 degrees off and not know it until you start getting the main structure up. He said once you start tacking the structure gets ridged fast. That’s when I started grinning knowing that was the right call. I can’t wait to see how all this actually turns out.

    He said once you have the structure up, start from a station and square it as per the provided plans. A nice set of clear concise CAD drawings.

    I can’t wait to get into this assembly. It certainly looks daunting.

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