Hopefully, This Saves The Next Guy

After shrinking the first skin to 250 degrees, everything looked good. So I started to put down the glue for the cement seam for the second skin. The glue is applied to all the areas where the bottom fabric and top fabric will join up, all the edges mostly. After applying the glue to the aileron cove, I noticed the fabric was pulling off the cove, not good. The Stewart System is pretty forgiving, so I was able to pull up the cover fabric, rub the glue off the top, kinda like rubber cement. Then push glue up on top of the coveĀ trailing edge under the fabric, like I should have done, so that takes the shrink stress and not the cove. Reheat then apply top layer of glue again. So needless to say I will be applying glue to the top of aileron coves from here on out.


You can see the fabric pulling up in the cove area.


After pulling up the fabric, surprisingly easy but with some effort, and pushing glue on top of the trailing edge.


Using my fingers I was able to take the top layer of glue off. This was a PIA.


The finished result, the stress from the fabric should now be on the trailing edge/top of cove and the cove should stay put.


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