Looking Like an Pitts

You have to forgive me, the words are overcome by excitement. Since this project started I have been holstering my excitement knowing just how long of a haul it was going to be. But looking at her standing on her own for the first time, power plant in place, tail, wings, etc. I am left kinda speechless. We still have a long way to go; electronics, firewall forward, covering and paint, etc. But I can’t help to take a breath and enjoy this stage for a few seconds. I hope you enjoy the pics as much.












5 Responses to “Looking Like an Pitts”

  1. Just awesome… Do you still know how to fly? grin

  2. “Naked! “”What do you mean naked!” “Oh my heavens!” “My parts are showing!” – C3PO

  3. gina roberts Says:

    very cool to see the progression of it….pretty exciting……with all the junker cars you wanted to rebuild it was only a matter of time youd get your hands dirty in something this big!

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