Well, Begrudgingly, Kicking and Screaming the Time Has Come

I had to break down and sell my Pitts S2B, N98R. She started this journey and I hated to do it but I was out of choices. She served me well and allowed me to join the ranks of the IAC all while gaining great experience, training and preparation to embark on my Airshow career. All along the way I made great, lasting friendships. The last 7 years have been a true joy for me. I bought the two seater, mainly, so I could share the thrill, I had only dreamt of, with my friends, family and anyone who asked for a ride. I have participated in Parade fly overs with guys like Rob Holland and Kendal Simpson. I trained with Rob and Kendal, Sean Tucker and Sergei Boriak in 98R. But the most rewarding part of owning and flying 98R has been the faces of the many, many people that I have had the pleasure to take up for a ride. For so many it was a once in a lifetime experience and everyone came down with a huge smile, exclaiming their gratitude and appreciation for sharing the aerobatic experience with them. Some have gone on to earn Aeronautical Engineering degrees saying that first flight in the Pitts is what pushed them to go after their dream. Others were just excited to scratch it off their bucket list.

I believe flying and aviation in general is for everyone who has ever dreamt of leaving the ground, I have truly enjoyed my time with 98R and am honored to have flown with so many people. It will always remind me of how lucky and blessed I have been to live my dream and I can only hope to help so many more grounded friends reach theirs.

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3 Responses to “Well, Begrudgingly, Kicking and Screaming the Time Has Come”

  1. Steve Guletsky Says:

    Sorry to see her go. Are you going to paint the S-1-11 in the same colors? Looks good on Sag’s plane.l

  2. Steve Guletsky Says:

    Yes, Ron does have a S-2S. Just curious about paint schemes.

  3. Hey Steve,

    Thanks. Not sure yet, I was originally planning on a Yellow and Black schema, been working it out and may have something to show soon. But as I update the model with different colors I keep changing my mind LOL

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