Top Wing Leading Edges

This week we glued the leading edges and center section on the top wing. Were on the final stretches will be covering pretty soon.


4 Responses to “Top Wing Leading Edges”

  1. Hey. HNY to you.. Now when is this bird gonna be pushed out of the nest? Do you want me to do the test flight? Grin… And what about cost? Do you buy first party insurance on the hull etc. And how do you value this?
    Looks like this is a million dollar bird to me, yet what do the money changers think and do ?
    Oh well .. I do not understand how a cell phone works either.

    Call me and lets go burn some avgas soon.


  2. Wayne Blackler Says:

    Hey there,
    Really enjoying your blog. I’m looking to start my Model 12 project in the next few months. I’m keen to understand where you got the aileron spar mounted bearings- I’m assuming part of the Wolf kit, but do you have a part number?

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