Upper Ailerons

So Dave’s Welder-Miller crapped out, and it is just out off warranty, so they are torturing him. We have been down since around Thanksgiving. It is a recurring problem that was fixed under warranty once already. So about a week ago we decided that we weren’t going to be seeing the welder in a while thanks to the Miller runaround and that we would build the upper ailerons.

We laid out the wing, set our inboard and outboard hinges, laid the aileron spars, and ribs. Check out the pictures. BTW Miller finally returned Dave’s welder, it’s in the background in some of the pictures… Still doesn’t work…


2 Responses to “Upper Ailerons”

  1. Hi Rob, I hope all is well. What system are you planning to use for the covering? Ya gotta let me know when the “stiching party” is to take place…I’d love to watch, learn and even bloody a finger or two.

    P.S. You need to tell Dave to smile 🙂

  2. Hey Dan,

    I think Dave will smile after we get this project out of his shop. LOL I am going to cover with the Stewarts System. I really like their glue and talked to them at Sun n Fun. I don’t have access to a pro paint booth so the relatively non toxicity is a plus for me.

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