Continued Work on Fuselage

We have been buttoning up the work on the fuselage. We formed the rear panels to the tail post, welded in the last brackets for the stringers, and started mocking up the smoke tank. We put her on the gear and hung one side of the cowling and it fits beautifully. I got to sit in her as we started to look at where we are going place things, i.e. fuel valve, mixture, prop etc. It was pretty exciting, I must have sat there a good 30 mins LOL.


One Response to “Continued Work on Fuselage”

  1. Joshua Vilches Says:

    Hey. That looks like Aaron Ham’s old Eagle?? And I think the pilot of that Acro Sport did the windows in our Hangar over at Oxford Airport. I saw him at the Simsbury Fly-In too. I fly a Super D and am building a Wag Aero Sport Trainer from scratch. Just sold the Super D and am going to look at Mike Goulian’s old Staudacher for sale in PA. Great work on your Stinker!! Josh (Southbury)

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