Things Have Slowed, But Not Stopped

Sorry for Two months without updates. Things have been busy to say the least. April and May were about Two things: 1) getting 98R annualed and 2) final preparations for my wedding the 27th and 28th. As usual I over burdened myself with things to do, but hey that is what keeps us young right.

For the wedding we made our own candleobras and aisle candle stands. 6, 5 candle, candleobras and 12 single candle stands for the aisle.

98R came through the annual very well, a lot of small maintenance things that I have been putting off and have been piling up and I added a smoke system. Getting everything together for that was quite the job and took a large chunk of time. But now she is back online and ready for the season. Here are some pics of the smoke install…


4 Responses to “Things Have Slowed, But Not Stopped”

  1. Steve Guletsky Says:

    Ah Love,
    So hard to find, so fine when found, so little time for all. We all love many things, each must have its place. Best wishes for the two of you.

  2. Richard Wolf Says:

    Hello and what a great website!

    I’m in the process of completing a Cartesian kit for my S-1-11B and have come across a slight glitch – thought you might be able to help.
    It concerns the tail post assembly. The short tube shows a wall thickness of .035″ but this leaves a real sloppy fit when the long tube is inserted. Did you come across the same problem? I’m going to ask Don @ Cartesian to make up another short tube, but thought i’d check-in with you first.

    Thank you so much,


    • Hey Rich sorry for the late reply, I will take a look next time I am at the shop. Let me know what Don says if you don’t mind.

  3. Richard Wolf Says:

    Since my first email, I checked the original plans and found the error there, so this was not Don’s mistake. I just ordered a section of tube with the correct wall thickness and made a replacement. It’s a simple fix. I’m on a trip and can’t be sure but I believe the correct wall thickness should be .058″. This leaves the ID of the short tail post .884″. The mating part (long tail post upper tube) has an OD of .875″ making a good fit.

    Thank you.

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