The Super Stinker

It Flies Like an Extra with Two Wings
An enormous thank you to Dan and Ann Salcedo. I can now uncross my fingers!! Dan’s SS is awesome! Not only watching that thing climb and pull like a Sukoi, it flies with the flick of the wrist or the precision of your thumb and forefinger. It is truly a beast. And it climbs like a scalded beast. When I pushed the throttle to the stop, the 300+ horse Angle Valve really does give you the sensation of being pulled back in your seat. It is a really cool feeling. I pushed the nose down and stood her up on her wheels and she started really pulling down the runway. Not having any idea what the stick pressures would be once unpinned from the tar, I let her fly off herself. For all the beast that she was getting to this point she lept gently into the air. Once off the runway I gently tightened my grip as if I were about to pull up on the rains of this stallion and she instantly did what I did. I squeezed my hand a little too tight and ever so slightly the stick moved slightly to the right and the right wing obliged and dipped ever so slightly. I responded with a quick centering of stick or leveling of the wings and gave her a pull for a positive rate of climb. She responded with ease and we were off.

I was at 4k feet in no time. Not wanting to pound Dan’s engine I ran her at 25 squared. “So what the heck am I going to do? OK lets roll it”, I thought to myself. Level flight, 160 mph, Thwap! I push the stick hard to the left. Whoosh, everything is a blurr and around it goes. I stop it with the normal pitts bobble or snap and the plane bobbles and the tail fish tails as I over rudder the catch. Wow, I think, just stop the stick and the plane responds, like a mono plane, like the Extra.

I am now smiling ear to ear; I dive to 180 MPH, pull vertical, throw the stick over to the left, Whoosh, around we go. I lost count after 4 verticale rolls. Dan says he see’s five. I am sure I saw at least that while it was climbing. Then it must have hung in the sky for 2 or 3 more. Amazed I couldn’t resist letting her back up a couple. Again, not wanting to beat up Dan’s plane, I cut the throttle after she floated down two turns. When I pulled the power I was expecting her to drop like a pendulum, fiercely, through the horizon like the B, but the nose just fell to the horizon and waited for me to do something. Taken by surprise, I now waited for her to start spinning like the B. But no, it just hung there waiting for me to tell it what to do. Later I was mentioning this to Dan and he said, “Yeah, she’ll just hang on.” So I pushed her over and cranked her into a double left roll on the down line and pulled level. Now I am really smiling ear to ear. Phawp, I backhand the stick to the right and slap the air. Whoosh the august NJ haze and afternoon buildups go spinning around with the ground, just like it did in the Extra. OMG, almost giggling I am thinking to myself, it’s true. She flies like a mono plane with two wings. It’s not all hype. It’s bad ass and I need to get mine done.

I did a few more rolls another Torque Roll, cmon I had to do that twice, a loop, rolling turn, some more basic acro and decided it was probably wise to let the neighbors below off the hook and get out of there. So I found the airport and headed back. As I entered the pattern I said the astronaut prayer, “Lord please don’t let me F@#k this up.” I pulled the power and set up a nice circling approach from the downwind. As the runway came up she settled in like the B. Eyes ahead, using my peripheral vision I watch the sides of the 70 foot runway and eased her onto the tar. “Wow, that was the nicest landing I have ever had flying a Pitts”, I thought as I rolled out and taxied in. No exaggeration. What a monster machine, a pleasure to fly, a pleasure to watch and an all out screamer. I really need to get mine done. Now fingers are crossed I can find the cash for my motor! Then we are off to the races!

Thanks again Ann and Dan!!!


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