The Pilot Brief

A wonderfully thorough almost hour brief later, lol and the contest flying is about to start. Order of flight is Intermediate, Unlimited and then Advanced. And as usual I was randomly drawn to fly first in the Advanced category.

Usually they don’t make you volunteer or “work” the category before your flight. But to become a Judge, you have to have 10 Advanced or Unlimited assists in the last 18 months. Unfortunately, mine had expired. So for me to get my 10 assists and qualify to do my final review, to become a judge, I needed to assists the Unlimited category the rest of the weekend. With that said I really didn’t get much of a chance to get my act together. And that is not supposed to be an excuse lol, it’s not. Honestly, if I had, I don’t know if it would have helped, lol.

So I work as an assistant judge for the Unlimited category and get 5 assists Whoo hoo. They rearranged the Advanced flight order to make things easier and I was given the coveted last position. I guess after watching that practice, the other guys flying Advanced weren’t that worried hahahaha. My first break. OK this is going to be a good run.


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