Lower Wing Attach Points are Tacked

Well Today – 5/8/10 – was a good day. We have had the lower wings at Dave’s shop and we have been working on getting them nice and strait with the fuselage. The first fit showed about 1/8th of an inch tight on the rear left side and an 1/8th of an inch loose on the right rear wing attach fitting. So we tacked the front fittings and started looking for the 1/8th of an inch. Finally we noticed the one bay on the fuselage is about an 1/8th off center to the left. Thus making up our discrepancy. So we decided to widen the bend on the left side attach bracket slightly to take up the 1/8th. On the right side we cut out a new lower attach fitting that would give us the extra 1/8th once bent up. So today we finally got everything fitting perfectly. Wing strait up front and even distance from tail post to wing tip.

We also drilled the lower wings for the landing wire attach pin, and cut and drilled the 1/2 inch solid stock for the aileron hinges. So after about a month off, due to work and things we have made some good progress.


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