Top Wing Drag Wires Drilled

Tonight Dave and I went over to Wayne’s and we drilled the drag wire holes. Dave had built a nice jig for drilling the holes the works nicely and guarantees you gonna have good strait holes from spar to spar.

Here are a few pictures of the Jig. We marked the blocks where we wanted the wires to come through, then we tap a pin in to hold the jig. Next we slide the jig onto the pins, tighten them in place and drill the first holes from the inside of the spars with the attachment as our guide. After drilling the inside hole we push a small piece of left over drag wire through to hold the jig from the inside. We remove the pins from the outside and drill the holes from that side. Remove the jig and run the holes all the way through.

Drag Wire Drilling Jig

Drag Wire Drilling Jig Pinned

Drag Wire Drilling Jig Pinned

Dave Drilling Drag Wire Hole

Drag Wire Drilling Jig


One Response to “Top Wing Drag Wires Drilled”

  1. Wow, I haven’t check back in a few months and I can’t believe how far you’ve gotten. Great job. At this rate she’ll be done by next season.

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