Drag Wires and Control System

Friday night I went over to Wayne’s and took the final measurements for the Drag and Anti Drag wires. Here is a good picture of the wires in a wing. This is from one of my friends builds.

A Drag Wire Bay

So I went up to Yard Metals in Bristol and picked up the 416 HD harden steel rods. I got 18, 4 foot long segments. Dave created a nice chuck for the tailstock of the lathe that replaced the quill and held the die.

A Good Diagram of a Lathe

The rod slid into the head stock and was held by the spindle and chuck. Then all I had to do is engage the lathe and push the tailstock with the die onto the stainless steel rod and wait for it to hit the mark. Then reverse the lathe and voila screw threads.

Rod in the Lathe

Marking The Thread Length

Cutting Threads for Drag Wires

Drag Wires

Dave picked up the final laser cut parts Friday, so while I was cutting threads Dave was welding the idlers.

Welding Control Idler

Welding Control Idler

Welding Control Idler

Control Idler


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