Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest

Well two weeks later, July 10–12, we are at the Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest Hartness State (VSF) Springfield, Vermont. I have always been a fan of this contest and flown well here since 05. It has a great box, great references and is a good time with great people. We’ll all that was still true, but I continue to struggle with the Advanced sequence and need to get more time to practice.

So we got here Friday and I was able to get a practice slot. Ron and Kendal were kind enough to give me critique. It was apparent that I was going to have a rough time this contest. LOL On top of things, I still have not gotten my Free program right and this was the first chance I got to fly it, and it has many issues. hahahaha.

Luckily Saturday night Denny Thompson told me about an upcoming training camp with Sergei Boriak down in VA and an open slot. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity. Thanks to Denny I got some good video of that and will be posting about that soon.

Down the Line

Down the Line

Early Morning Briefing Saturday

Run Up

Ron Lookin Like I Felt - Zeros Were Popular

On The Judges Line

Russian Blues Brothers at the Banquet Sergey & Kirill

On The Way Home

On The Way Home


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