The Frame Stands On Its Own!!

Saturday, was a great day…

Jaun from Rave’s W Services came up Saturday morning to weld the fuselage. I got there a littler early to clean up the joints so Juan had a nice clean area to weld. He was great, like a man on a mission. I have always wanted to learn to weld well, and at some point in this project I am going to make good on that, but I am not going to start on my fuselage. lol Juan on the other hand was an artist that paints every day and it shows… Add the fact that he is a real nice guy to boot and it gets even better. The first two pictures are a couple of Juan’s paintings… 😉

Juan's First Weld

This is gonna be a good day!

Fuse First Day Weld

A Seat Weld

Then there are a few shots as Juan was wrapping up…

Fuse First Day Weld

Soon there will be a Firewall here!

Fuse First Day Weld

Top Front

Fuse First Day Weld

Different top angle

Fuse First Day Weld

Tail Shot

Then my favorite, the frame separated from the jig. We were all pretty excited! There she is standing there as a frame! This once pile of tubes is now a frame on it’s journey to becoming a fuselage. It is unexplainable, the feeling I had pulling the frame out of the stand for the first time. Too many to put into words! Good is definitely one of them.

Fuse First Day Weld

This Is a Good Moment

Out of the jig and standing on her own

From the Front

Out of the jig

Out of the jig


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