Houston We Are Tacking

OK so since my last post on the fuselage a lot has gone on, the summer has been slow building, but thankfully a lot of flying. Sooner or later I will get the posts from the contests up and some vids.

So we had gotten the fuselage to stand up on it’s own. It was precarious at best, the whole thing felt like a house of cards. Move the wrong tube and the whole thing could come down lol. We initially held it up with Electrical tape and bungee cords, as Don from Cartesian recommended.

Tube kit standing on table front view

Tube kit standing on table front view

Tube kit standing on table

Tube kit standing on table

We wrestled with this since July. We tried to get things to line up but they just didn’t want to. We tried trammeling the first bay and it was 1/4″ in off. Finally after tweaking the table, adding a station to the front and just behind the seat, and securing things as best we could we realized one of the rear longerons was not bent correctly.

Tube kit standing on frame, bad bend

Tube kit standing on frame, bad bend

Cartesian was very good about wanting to replace the tube, but we were able to correct the tube and move on. Unfortunately we still couldn’t get this house of cards to line up and realized we needed to start tacking this thing so it would stop fighting us. We were a little hesitant to do this because the guys at Cartesian said make sure things line up before you start tacking because the structure gets really tight after only a few tacks, and man were they right.

So to make a short story long, lol, we measured off the centers on the top cross members and tied a string from the front top of our table back to the tail. So we put the cross members between the top longerons and aligned them on the string marking the center and tacked them into place, up to just to behind the seat. We used straps to hold the structure down and two to pull each side into the center. I will get some picks up. As soon as we started getting things locked in, she really started lining up correctly. So tonight was the first time the fuse really started taking a permanent shape.


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