Northeast Chapter Fundraiser and Critique Camp

I started the season by hosting the first ever Northeast Chapter Fundraiser and Critique Camp at the end of May and it was a great success! We had fantastic weather and a good turnout. Greenwood Lake airport was a great host and was very thrilled to have us!

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who helped to get this off the ground.

A special thanks to Doug Lovell, Miriam Levin, Steve Seidel, Sergey Prolagayev, John Fellenzer and Mark Mattioli for making this one happen! What a great team I can’t thank you guys enough!

We had a lot of interest, but some southern WX and airplane issues had nixed about 6 people. We had four guys show up for this one and I would like to thank them for their interest and effort. Nice work, Aaron, George, Ron, and Scott!! I can’t thank the judges enough for working with everyone and doing a great job this weekend!!


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