And so the Fuselage Begins

Tuesday we cleaned up the shop and rolled out the big table where we will be building the S1-11 Super Stinker fuselage from Cartesian. We didn’t have a lot of time, but were able to layout the ply and start to look at some dimensions and figure out the best way to tackle the assembly and welding.

Cartesian instructions, say to get the whole fuselage together using electrical tape and bungees before tack welding. The reason for this, is to make sure all the tubes are in the right place. They said you really wont know if you have a tube 180 degrees out of place or not till it is all together and since the tolerances are so tight once you start tacking the structure becomes very ridged, very fast. This is going to be an exciting process, so stay tuned… 🙂

Color Coded Fuselage Diagram

Color Coded Fuselage Diagram

Lower Longerons on the table

Lower Longerons on the table

Messign with the lower longerons

Messign with the lower longerons


2 Responses to “And so the Fuselage Begins”

  1. Hello,I’m Kevin. My cousin and I are about to start building an S1-11-B and we were wondering where you bought your pre-cut color coded tubing kit for the fuslage? Thanks, Kev

  2. Hello Kevin,

    Cartesian Tube Kit S-1-11

    Above is the link. They are great people to work with and the kit is very well done. Everything fits beautifully and it is cake to weld with such tight tolerances. Definitely the way to go!!

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