Lessons Learned Kevin D. Walker of Santa Clara, CA Finally Returned My Deposit

Update: Kevin had finally made good on my refundable deposit after 6 months.

I just wanted to put this warning to anyone that may run across my site and potentially might be looking at Kevin D Walker’s S1-11 project that was recently on Barnstormers.

Unfortunately I fell victim to his fraud. I had seen his add on Barnstormers back in November, talked with him, sent him a refundable deposit of 1k. He assured me his project was of the highest quality, so I flew across the country to inspect and box for shipping. When I got there I knew within 3 seconds that this project was junk! The welds on the fuselage were garbage.

So not only did I waste 600 bucks and three days in CA, the personal check he gave me to refund my deposit bounced and I have not heard from him since!

Beware of Kevin D. Walker of Santa Clara, CA selling an S1-11 project. He kept dropping the Kimballs and Sean Worthingtons name and saying how they OK’d the project. Total BS. Kevin D Walker is a crook.

You can see this botched Fuselage here :

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