First Wolf Modifications Arrive

I have been working with Steve Wolf, from Wolf Aricraft, to modify the S1-11 wings to bring them into the new Millennium. This includes, longer ailerons, square and swept wing tips and three hinge points. My wings will resemble one of my heros planes Jim LeRoy’s BullDog II.

I have also selected Steve’s engine mount with the rod gear modification, which will resemble Sean Tucker’s Oracle Challenger gear legs. The mount is on the road now, so I will hopefully see that this week.

Steve has been great to work with and very reasonable.

We have cranked out some more ribs and now that we have the lower win mods we can get cranking on the spars etc.


2 Responses to “First Wolf Modifications Arrive”

  1. Hi,
    How did you go about getting the Wolf wing mod plans? I’m starting off an S-1-11b project and really, REALLY, would like those wings.
    Was it just a matter of speaking to Steve and some beer or was money involved?

  2. Hey Trav,

    Congrats on your choice! Yeah Steve has to eat too. Contact Steve, he is very reasonable and great to work with. He is getting pretty busy tho… 🙂

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