Whoo Hooo – Here Comes The Wood! Here Comes The Wood!

Just received an email from ASpruce and the wood is shipped it should be here Thursday 2/5.

Should be back to rib building soon!!

Next major order is going to be the Drag Wires and metal components for the wings.

After talking to Wayne this weekend, he was dying to do something so he stained the spar router box. LOL

Dave is hoping to move his plane out of his shop in the next few weeks. So the frame progress should heat up soon too.


One Response to “Whoo Hooo – Here Comes The Wood! Here Comes The Wood!”

  1. Hi
    I didn’t buy Steve cowling,but I think that it’s the best for a Pitts.From Steve I have drawings for the engine/mount landing gear RV type and a bigger tail.I did stop my S1-11B project two months ago,since here the civil aviation has news rules for aerobatics airplane that are more than 200cv that are not good at all.So I start to build a S1S with shorter wings,where I wish to use the aluminum cove,bigger aluminum ailerons,and thinner hinges.Also a bigger tail and same engine/mount.

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